»German Gemütlichkeit«, 2017
FAZ Quarterly

Illustrations for an article on election forecasts and opinion polls in the digital age, controlled and manipulated by big data and internet trolls. FAZ Quarterly, Nr. 03/2017 View More


4-page contribution to »MAUDITE!«, a French comics anthology about »La Grande Guerre« (1914—18). Edited by Vincent Vanoli, published by l’association, Paris 2016 View More

Plan W

»Der kleine Unterschied«, illustrated overview of gender issues from pregnancy to adulthood, Plan W 04/2016, Süddeutsche Zeitung

monopol (Sachsen)

Illustrations for a special edition on arts & culture in Germany’s lovely state Saxony, monopol, 2016 View More


Untitled drawings (»Frank«), ink on paper, exhibition at Kunstverein Freiburg, 18.09.—01.11.2015

Strips & Stories
Illustration for Strips & Stories, the best place for comic books in St. Pauli, Hamburg
Identity and Promotion for KR/23, a handmade liquor with 23 natural botanicals by The Liquor Company, Berlin
Hitzacker Herbst Härte 2015
»Hitzacker Herbst Härte« 2015, Illustration for a cross-country running event
»Phasen der Beziehung«

Illustration for an article about the phases of a typical relationship with our partner/job, Die Zeit Nr. 15/2014

Strapazin Nr. 112
»My so-called life«, for Strapazin Nr. 112/2013 (»Fernsehserien«), collecting 150 artists/150 strips about formative TV Shows
Die Zeit 08/2013
»Bildungsstudien: Aufwärts oder abwärts?« Illustration, Die Zeit Nr. 08/2013
Das Geisterhaus
»Das Geisterhaus«, 2 pages for Neue Rundschau, Nr. 03/2012 (»Comics«) ● S. Fischer Verlag GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, ISBN 978-3-10-809090-6
Der Firmenhymnenhandel
»Der Firmenhymnenhandel«, poster for a play by Thomas Ebermann, Kampnagel 2012