Businessweek, August 7/2023

»Europe’s AI Startups Look to Capitalize on the Continent’s FOMO«, Illustration for Bloomberg Businessweek.

DIE ZEIT 38/2023

DIE ZEIT 38/2023

»Kein Kredit, kein Haus«, Illustration (for an article on the profitability of building savings plans) in DIE ZEIT, Nr. 38/2023

Businessweek, March 20/2023

»ChatGPT Advances Are Moving So Fast Regulators Can’t Keep Up«, Illustration for Bloomberg Businessweek.

DIE ZEIT 2/2023

»Rosen sind rot, Tulpen sind rechts«, Illustration for DIE ZEIT, Nr. 2/2023

»How You Could Be the Perfect Houseguest«

The Ethel, December 5/2022

»How You Could Be the Perfect Houseguest (So that you always get invited back!)«, Illustration for The Ethel.

DIE ZEIT 49/2022

DIE ZEIT 49/2022

»Deponie für Finanzmüll« (»Financial Waste Disposal«), Illustration for DIE ZEIT, Nr. 49/2022

Businessweek, September 12/2022

»Startups Are Borrowing More as the Easy Venture Capital Money Vanishes«, Illustration for Bloomberg Businessweek.

»Die Rückkehrer«

DIE ZEIT 32/2022

»Die Rückkehrer« (»The Repatriates«), Illustration for DIE ZEIT, Nr. 32/2022 (Switzerland)

Universal Thirst

The Universal Thirst Gazette

A polar bear and a lion for Universal Thirst, a type foundry that specialises in Indic and Latin scripts — now the official emblem of the »The Gazette«, an independent initiative from Universal Thirst.

BISS Nr. 07/08 2022

BISS Nr. 07/08 2022

Comic/llustration accompanying an article on how to help Ukrainian refugees, for BISS Magazine (July/August 2022).

The New York Times, May 10/2022

»What I Want My Kids to Learn About American Racism«, Illustration for The New York Times.

RFI Risography Guidelines

Illustrations accompanying guidelines on how to prepare files for risography prints, for RFI (using their ubiquitous mascot, a crane).

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Businessweek, May 2/2022

»Stock Market Meltdowns Have FAANGs Looking Increasingly Toothless«, Illustration for Bloomberg Businessweek.

BISS Nr. 03/2021

llustrations accompanying an article on Munich’s digital apartment exchange platform, for BISS Magazine (March 2021).

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Two prints (A4, Fine Art Giclée on 210g/m² Dekor Art Paper) for Dietz, a shopping platform where every product/print is for sale for its actual real life price.

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McSweeney’s Quarterly

Spot illustrations for McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern Issue 63, accompanying short stories by Esmé Weijun Wang, Kevin Moffett, Mikkel Rosengaard, Etgar Keret, Rita Chang-Eppig, Stephen Dixon and an essay by Adam Iscoe.

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SPIEGEL Wissen 02/2020

SPIEGEL Wissen 02/2020

Various Illustrations (from spot to full page) for SPIEGEL Wissen 02/2020, about how to deal with a crisis and strengthen your resilience.

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Businessweek, April 20/2020

Businessweek, April 20/2020

ØYA Festival

Illustrations for the 2020/2021 identity of Norway’s largest outdoor festival »Øyafestivalen«, taking place at Tøyenparken, Oslo.

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Salvar Ratones/Saving Mice

»Saving Mice«

Illustration for a collection of children’s dreams from Villava and Huarte (Spain), curated by Roger Omar.

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It's Sticky

»It’s sticky!«

Sticker (95×95 mm) for a group exhibition at Raum für Illustration, Hamburg. The show presents 30 stickers by 30 artists from 13 countries in an interactive exhibition.

Businessweek, September 23/2019