»Saving Mice«

A collection of dreams by children from Villava and Huarte (Spain), illustrated by Arne Bellstorf, Jan Buchczik, Erni Donnenberg, Jill Senft, Arina Shabanova, Jan Soeken and Ink Bad Company. »Salvar Ratones/Saving Mice«, exhibition at Mapamundistas, Villava, Spain, Sep. 14—Oct. 27, 2019 View More

It's Sticky

»It’s sticky!«

Sticker (95×95 mm) for a group exhibition at Raum für Illustration, Hamburg. The show »It’s sticky!« presents 30 stickers by 30 artists from 13 countries in an interactive exhibition.

DIE ZEIT 53/2018

»Himberg in der Nacht«, Illustration for a christmas story by Finn-Ole Heinrich in DIE ZEIT, Nr. 53/2018


Shirt Design, 2018. Limited print available at Everpress

DIE ZEIT Studienführer

Icons for DIE ZEIT Studienführer 2019/2020, the most comprehensive study guide in Germany, including a ranking of more than 300 colleges and universities View More

HHH 2015
Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, 45/2013
Die Zeit, 08/2013
Goethe Institut — 25 Jahre Wiedervereinigung
Goethe Institut, 2015
Strips & Stories, 2015
Comicfestival Hamburg, 2014
HHH 2014
Comicfestival Hamburg, 2013
Der Firmenhymnenhandel, 2012

Illustration Archive



»Love Yourself«

Sticker, 95×95 mm
#selflove #bodypositivity

Social Design Award

Illustration for Social Design Award 2018, a reader’s competition hosted by SPIEGEL Online and SPIEGEL Wissen (in cooperation with Bauhaus), looking for ideas and projects for creating a vibrant neighborhood.

Aperitivo Rabarbaro

Identity, label design and promotional stuff for »Aperitivo Rabarbaro«, a rhubarb aperitif by LQR Co. GmbH, Berlin View More

FAZ Quarterly

FAZ Quarterly

Illustrations for an article on election forecasts and opinion polls in the digital age, controlled and manipulated by big data and internet trolls. FAZ Quarterly, Nr. 03/2017 View More

DIE ZEIT Hamburg

»Pfeif auf die Stadt«, DIE ZEIT (Hamburg), Nr. 05/2017


Visual identity and promotion for »KR/23«, a herbal liqueur with 23 natural botanicals, handmade and handbottled by LQR Co. GmbH, Berlin View More

Plan W, 04/2016

»Der kleine Unterschied«, editorial illustrations for an overview of questions around gender studies from pregnancy to adulthood, Plan W, Süddeutsche Zeitung

SZ Magazin Nr. 30/2016

»Wir Ausbeuter«, cover and editorial illustrations for Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Nr. 30/2016 View More

monopol (Sachsen)

Illustrations for a special edition on arts & culture in Germany’s lovely state Saxony, monopol, 2016

Ink on paper, 21×29 cm

Untitled drawings (»Frank«)

Strips & Stories

Strips & Stories

Illustration for Strips & Stories, the best place for comic books in St. Pauli, Hamburg

Hitzacker Herbst Härte 2015

»Hitzacker Herbst Härte« 2015, illustration for a cross-country running event

»Charlie Hebdo: Die Bilder nach den Bildern« (Die Zeit)

Comicfestival Hamburg 2014

Comicfestival Hamburg 2014

Visual Identity, Website & other stuff for Comicfestival Hamburg, 2014 View More

»Phasen der Beziehung«

Illustration for an article about the phases of a typical relationship with your partner/job, Die Zeit Nr. 15/2014

Das Geisterhaus

2 pages for Neue Rundschau, Nr. 03/2012 (»Comics«) ● S. Fischer Verlag GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, ISBN 978-3-10-809090-6