Universal Thirst

The Universal Thirst Gazette

A polar bear and a lion for Universal Thirst, a type foundry that specialises in Indic and Latin scripts — now the official emblem of the »The Gazette«, an independent initiative from Universal Thirst.

Businessweek, April 20/2020

Businessweek, April 20/2020

Salvar Ratones/Saving Mice

»Saving Mice«

Illustration for a collection of children’s dreams from Villava and Huarte (Spain), curated by Roger Omar. View More

It's Sticky

»It’s sticky!«

Sticker (95×95 mm) for a group exhibition at Raum für Illustration, Hamburg. The show presents 30 stickers by 30 artists from 13 countries in an interactive exhibition.

Businessweek, September 23/2019

DIE ZEIT 53/2018

DIE ZEIT 53/2018

»Himberg in der Nacht«, Illustration for a christmas story by Finn-Ole Heinrich, published in DIE ZEIT, Nr. 53/2018



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Love Yourself

»Love Yourself«

Sticker, 95×95 mm
#selflove #bodypositivity

Social Design Award

Social Design Award

Illustration for Social Design Award 2018, a reader’s competition hosted by SPIEGEL Online and SPIEGEL Wissen (in cooperation with Bauhaus), looking for ideas and projects for creating a vibrant neighborhood.

DIE ZEIT Hamburg

»Pfeif auf die Stadt«, DIE ZEIT (Hamburg), Nr. 05/2017

SZ Magazin Nr. 30/2016

»Wir Ausbeuter«, cover and editorial illustrations for Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Nr. 30/2016 View More

Hitzacker Herbst Härte 2015

»Hitzacker Herbst Härte« 2015, illustration for a cross-country running event

»Charlie Hebdo: Die Bilder nach den Bildern« (Die Zeit)

Comicfestival Hamburg 2014

Comicfestival Hamburg 2014

Visual Identity, Website & other stuff for Comicfestival Hamburg, 2014 View More

Das Geisterhaus

2 pages for Neue Rundschau, Nr. 03/2012 (»Comics«) ● S. Fischer Verlag GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, ISBN 978-3-10-809090-6